Cobra or Upward Dog Pose

Upward Dog Pose

  • From Low Plank Pose, untuck your toes and being to straighten your arms
  • Collar bones spread wide and heart reaches forward and up
  • Shoulders draw away from your ears
  • Note that the only points of contact with the mat are the tops of your feet and your hands – legs and core are strongly engaged
  • Breathe deep (and explore rolling up and back to Downward Dog)

Cobra Pose

  • From supported Low Plank Pose (knees on the mat), lower down to your belly, hands remaining under your shoulders
  • Tops of feet, knees, thighs, and hips remain on the mat as you lengthen your heart forward and up
  • Hands press gently into the mat, but work on using core strength to lift your chest rather than solely pressing through your hands
  • Draw your chin in slightly so the back of your neck is long
  • Breathe deep (and explore rolling to Downward Dog by coming through a Tabletop Pose on your hands and knees)