Plank to Low Plank Pose

You can explore this pose with your knees lifted or on the mat for added support.

  • Imagine you had a golf ball underneath your belly button that you're squeezing on all sides - this imagery is meant to help you connect with your core muscles which need to be strongly engaged
  • Tailbone reaches towards your heels
  • If you are in a full plank position (knees lifted), legs are active and engaged
  • Stack your shoulders above your wrists and lengthen your ears away from your shoulders
  • If you are in full plank position, press forward with your toes so your heart extends just over your fingertips
  • Hug your elbows in to your ribs as you begin to lower halfway down, taking care to not dump your shoulders forward
  • Same principles apply if your knees are on the mat for support, though give yourself grace to lower to your degree of intensity
  • Breathe deep