Welcome to The Foundations of Yoga: A Jesus-Centered Approach video series! This series is designed with the absolute beginner in mind. Start your yoga journey by watching the video below to learn more about what yoga is, how we can use it to connect with and worship God, and an overview of what you'll find in this series.


You'll find a navigation menu on the left side of your screen or, if you're on a mobile device, via a plus sign in the corner of your screen. From this menu you can navigate to the three sections of this series:


> > Yoga Mat

> > 2 yoga blocks

> > Blanket or towel

> > Sturdy chair, table, or open wall space to use as a balancing aid


Email support@carolinewilliamsyoga.com and unless it's the weekend or we're out chasing waterfalls, we'll reply within 24 hours.