Warrior Two Pose

There are many ways to enter Warrior Two Pose. Here are the most common: from Mountain pose or Forward Fold, stepping one foot back; or Wide Legged Mountain Pose with feet wider than your hips.

  • Front foot points to the front of your mat (the short edge)
  • Back foot points to the long edge of your mat, parallel with the back short edge of your mat (about 90 degrees)
  • Hips remain open towards the long edge of your mat (rather than square to the front as in Warrior One)
  • Back leg is straight, with all four corners of your feet grounding down into the mat
  • Front leg is bent, one day perhaps at 90 degrees, taking care not to extend your knee beyond your ankle
  • Tailbone lengthens down towards the mat and the crown of your head reaches up to the ceiling
  • Hands can come to your hips, together at your heart, or open up, reaching to the front and back of your mat
  • Breathe deep